Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Highlights

January was pretty busy, mostly school-related, but we had some fun outings too.  (And, of course, Kylen's birthday was a big highlight!)  Kylen has a new regular activity!  Now that he can drive, he plans to visit the Kroc Center weekly to practice basketball.  He started last week and really enjoyed it.  The exercise is great, and there's always the bonus of running into friends.

We have an informal tradition of getting together with my uncle's family early in the new year.  We've met at restaurants, but this time they offered to host!  We had a wonderful time as always.

A highlight was playing ice hockey on a mini rink they set up in the backyard.  We were lucky enough to be the first ones to test it out with them.  It worked great!

They spent about as much time lying down as standing, but it's all part of the fun.

Besides dinner, they served delicious snacks, including these fantastic, juicy pears from their visit to Seattle.  They really were amazing.

We played Quelf and King of Tokyo.  I can't look at this picture of my uncle without chuckling.  LOL!!!

Unfortunately, I missed getting video of my uncle acting out this card, but it was hilarious!

My cousin put tape on his glass.  Why?  Because apparently his dad kept drinking it when he wasn't looking.  Funny!!

On our first day back to co-op, we decided to eat breakfast out as a treat.  We woke up to quite the winter wonderland!

Old European.  :)

Kylen was required to create a trifold for his country in his continents and cultures class and give a little presentation.  He chose Romania, his father's native land.  :)

We had my brother's family over for dessert and a little belated gift exchange.  They gave us the most perfect family picture.  It's hanging in our living room and goes perfect with our Valentine theme.

Thanks to a friend for an awesome new dessert recipe!  Cream cheese squares: yummy and easy.

Aren't they sweet?  :)

Friends had us over for dinner and games, and the electricity went out while we were playing Bananagrams.  It was AWESOME!!!  Ours rarely goes out here, so it was fun hanging out in the dark and playing by candlelight.  :)

Here is a potato person Kylen did in biology lab.  They had to discover traits as they went.  His has a pink ribbon, because he found out it was a girl.  Doesn't it have a lot of character?  He was quite proud of it.

That's a few highlights from our January.  It looks like February is going to be a quieter month, and I don't mind at all!!  :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Boy is 16!

We celebrated Kylen's birthday at Laser Quest (third year in a row?): three games and lots of fun!  Greg and Kylen each got a first.

The Terminator!

He opened cards/gifts from friends the next day.

On his actual birthday, he got the day off school . . . one of the little perks of homeschooling.  He slept in and spent the first half of the day playing video games.  Greg left work early, and we drove to the DOL to get his driver's license.  Guess I won't be spending as much time in the backseat!


First picture was pretty lousy, but the place was almost empty, so it wasn't a big deal when Kylen asked for a retake.  :)
We officially have a second driver in the family!!!
We ate dinner at his favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  Tried their new boneless wings with teriyaki.  They were delicious!
A funny, as we were headed home: I decided to turn on the radio.  Soon after, the song "Backseat Driver" by TobyMac came on.  None of us had listened to it through before.  We just about fell out of our seats when we heard the lines: "Been backseat my whole life / Now I turned 16 so it's time to drive."  LOL!!!!!!!
Back at home, Kylen opened a card from us and small gift: a new shirt!  He loved the card.  :)  And the shirt.  It says, "I find your lack of logic disturbing."
But it didn't stop there.  The following morning, friends treated us to breakfast out!  Wasn't that nice of them?  I sure thought so!
We love our sweet boy.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016!!!

We'll be back to full school days and our normal schedule this week, which means I'll have almost zero time to blog the next two months.  We'll see what happens.  Meanwhile, I'll see some of you on Facebook!  =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

December was a very busy month like always, but we did get in lots of fun too!  We took off one week from school - the week of Christmas.  Here are pictures from the holiday.  :)

The picture in our card.

Our co-op's Christmas party was a winter theme in silver, blue, and white (same as last year, surprisingly!).  It was SOOO wonderful to go and not be in charge!

Kylen had his first violin recital since taking lessons at the current location.  Here he is afterwards, standing next to his teacher.  He played one Christmas song: Carol of the Bells.  He did great!

We did a puzzle for the first time in years!!  We used to do them when Kylen was little, and then he stopped enjoying them.  I decided to put one out when we had company over.  Turned out none of them were interested, but Kylen was!  He did more than me!  I think we'll be seeing more puzzles in this household, although we'll probably stay in the 550-750 range.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to set aside one evening shortly before Christmas, stop by a coffee shop, and drive around looking at lights.  Greg found an online map with the locations of good displays, which proved to be awesome!  Kylen did the navigating, Greg did the driving, and I did the looking!

This is just one part of a much larger display!

We made it to see the big tree!  My uncle told us about it last year.  Truly magnificent!  Of course, pics don't do it justice.  Not even close.

New this year, at the start of the street with the big tree, is a house with no lights except this:

Hilarious!!!!  And brilliant!

We did, indeed, get a white Christmas.  Pics from our yard after the first big snow.  Flakes have been dropping almost daily ever since!

We always spend Christmas Eve at Greg's parents, having dessert and exchanging gifts.  :)

And we always celebrate Christmas Day at home, just us three.  I decided to try a new breakfast casserole.  The boys liked it!  I was iffy until I ate the leftovers with fresh avocado.  YUM!

 Time to read the Christmas story!  Then, we always pick out gifts for needy children.  :)


A great gift my friend Kris sent: glasses with a miniature basketball hoop and a ball dangling from a string.  We all tried it . . .

. . .  but only Kylen got it in!

There were lots of wonderful gifts!  A few more favorites.  This one came from friends who we had over for a gift exchange earlier in the week.

Kylen's favorite new shirt!

Another of his favorites!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!  Blessing to all!!