Monday, February 29, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Boy, am I behind!  I didn't even get the theme on my blog changed.  Well, I can't leave the month of February without a post about Valentine's Day.  I ALWAYS do a post about my favorite holiday.  :)

Valentine's Day was weird this year.  I had great plans, and most of them fell through.  The day before, we planned to play laser tag and use a gift card at Red Lobster.  I even invited several families to join us.  No's from all, which didn't surprise me, because I didn't give much advance notice.  But it worked out for the best, because there was no room at the inn!  Red Lobster had an hour wait even with arriving before the dinner rush; Laser Quest had a two hour wait.  Instead, we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, a low key joint that is never too full.  And Trader Joe's let us in for grocery shopping!

The next day, I spent the morning crying.  It was likely due to a dietary problem that has since been rectified.  (Chocolate!  Can you believe it?  My body is sensitive to chocolate!)  That was Valentine's Day.  Thankfully, I recovered enough for us to enjoy a new game purchased for the occasion.  We really liked it!  I also found the box of chocolates Greg always hides.  :)  The following day, Monday, was President's Day.  Greg had the day off, so we decided to try Red Lobster again, at a different location.  We had a great meal.  I didn't make the traditional special dessert, but hopefully soon, since I have all the ingredients.  What a mixed holiday!

Isn't the title of the game fun?!  Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  Greg won twice, Kylen once.  Hope it's my turn soon!

Kylen theorizing about why Greg won and he lost.

Can you spot the box of chocolates?  Hint: follow the arrow.  Not sure if Greg did that on purpose.  I'll have to ask!

Pretty easy to see, but I missed it until late in the day.  And that was with even looking there!  I must have been struck with temporary blindness.

I LOVE the art on their boxes.

My favorite drink anywhere, Red Lobster's virgin strawberry pina colada, well on it's way to being gone.

Lobster Fest.