Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

December was a very busy month like always, but we did get in lots of fun too!  We took off one week from school - the week of Christmas.  Here are pictures from the holiday.  :)

The picture in our card.

Our co-op's Christmas party was a winter theme in silver, blue, and white (same as last year, surprisingly!).  It was SOOO wonderful to go and not be in charge!

Kylen had his first violin recital since taking lessons at the current location.  Here he is afterwards, standing next to his teacher.  He played one Christmas song: Carol of the Bells.  He did great!

We did a puzzle for the first time in years!!  We used to do them when Kylen was little, and then he stopped enjoying them.  I decided to put one out when we had company over.  Turned out none of them were interested, but Kylen was!  He did more than me!  I think we'll be seeing more puzzles in this household, although we'll probably stay in the 550-750 range.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to set aside one evening shortly before Christmas, stop by a coffee shop, and drive around looking at lights.  Greg found an online map with the locations of good displays, which proved to be awesome!  Kylen did the navigating, Greg did the driving, and I did the looking!

This is just one part of a much larger display!

We made it to see the big tree!  My uncle told us about it last year.  Truly magnificent!  Of course, pics don't do it justice.  Not even close.

New this year, at the start of the street with the big tree, is a house with no lights except this:

Hilarious!!!!  And brilliant!

We did, indeed, get a white Christmas.  Pics from our yard after the first big snow.  Flakes have been dropping almost daily ever since!

We always spend Christmas Eve at Greg's parents, having dessert and exchanging gifts.  :)

And we always celebrate Christmas Day at home, just us three.  I decided to try a new breakfast casserole.  The boys liked it!  I was iffy until I ate the leftovers with fresh avocado.  YUM!

 Time to read the Christmas story!  Then, we always pick out gifts for needy children.  :)


A great gift my friend Kris sent: glasses with a miniature basketball hoop and a ball dangling from a string.  We all tried it . . .

. . .  but only Kylen got it in!

There were lots of wonderful gifts!  A few more favorites.  This one came from friends who we had over for a gift exchange earlier in the week.

Kylen's favorite new shirt!

Another of his favorites!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!  Blessing to all!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Latest and Greatest :)

Between my art class and the holidays, I've had pretty much no free time!  But I'd rather be busy than unable to do anything, which was the case back when my illness was bad.  I am thankful for the good health to be busy!!

Our calendar has been pretty full despite the fact that I haven't been taking many pictures.  We stayed home for Thanksgiving, enjoying a wonderful feast, just us three.  Originally, we were planning to eat out with Greg's parents and do the big meal the day before, but that didn't work out.  We shared our leftovers with them though!

My favorite meal of the year!

That evening, we hung out with my mom and a couple nephews at Triple Play.  We asked them what they wanted to do, and they said the arcade!

Then, we had a late meal at Denny's.

On Black Friday, my cousin came to visit.  We played a couple of board games and lots of Smash Bros.  We had a great time with him.  :)

He may not look too happy here, but he should be!  He was winning the most!

I went to a tea recently with our co-op.

Other than that, Kylen has had his usual activities - of which there are many - and I've been working on all things related to Christmas!!!  :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

MAC LEGO Exhibit and Chinese Food

On Saturday, we visited the MAC LEGO exhibit.  It wasn't quite as neat as I imagined, but admission included other exhibits plus the historic Campbell house.  They had a fun little store, too.  I wish we could have spent a bit more time there, but Kylen's knee was bothering him.

7-foot-tall rose

8-foot-tall hummingbird.  Height must include the base, eh?  :)

They had several posters on the wall.  Art appreciation helped us recognize them.  Know who this is?

I think I know why the bike is way up high.  Too tempting!

They have a contest, and this is one of the entries.  Visitors can vote for their favorite.  This was mine.

The lily pads are made of LEGOs!  They're huge!

They had an interesting exhibit with artifacts from the American West.

A ballistic missile launch control console!  Kylen said it reminds him of the original Star Trek show.

A feminist's political button bag.  Interesting.  One button says peace, while the missile launcher is in the background.

A case of artificial eyes, typical of medical supplies sold by pharmacies in 1900.  Next to it is a prosthetic leg and hand.

Next, we strolled over to the Campbell House.  Kylen said it inspired him to write a novel from the period.  It gave meaning to the word "rambling."  Around every corner was another room, hall, or set of stairs.  I didn't get to read all the information available, but I did see a picture of an ornate chair the family owned that doubled as a music box!  When someone sat down, it played "Here Comes the Bride."


Kylen kept wearing his museum pass on his chin, and it was giving Greg fits.

We opted to have an early dinner, which turned out to be an excellent idea.  Our favorite Asian restaurant was almost empty when we arrived but packed by the time we left.  We had a hard time reaching the door through all the people standing around waiting to be seated.


This was Kylen's fortune!!!  Lol!!  At first I thought it would have been better if Greg or I had gotten it, but then I realized that wouldn't be good either!

Bye, P. F. Chang's!  Until next time!