Friday, December 11, 2015

The Latest and Greatest :)

Between my art class and the holidays, I've had pretty much no free time!  But I'd rather be busy than unable to do anything, which was the case back when my illness was bad.  I am thankful for the good health to be busy!!

Our calendar has been pretty full despite the fact that I haven't been taking many pictures.  We stayed home for Thanksgiving, enjoying a wonderful feast, just us three.  Originally, we were planning to eat out with Greg's parents and do the big meal the day before, but that didn't work out.  We shared our leftovers with them though!

My favorite meal of the year!

That evening, we hung out with my mom and a couple nephews at Triple Play.  We asked them what they wanted to do, and they said the arcade!

Then, we had a late meal at Denny's.

On Black Friday, my cousin came to visit.  We played a couple of board games and lots of Smash Bros.  We had a great time with him.  :)

He may not look too happy here, but he should be!  He was winning the most!

I went to a tea recently with our co-op.

Other than that, Kylen has had his usual activities - of which there are many - and I've been working on all things related to Christmas!!!  :)


Eric said...

That looks likes a lot of fun!

Farrah said...

Hey there, Eric! It was! =)