Sunday, November 5, 2017

On Your Mark! Game

Ever since I've considered teaching a drawing class at co-op, I've had an affinity for drawing games.  I stumbled across one at Hallmark with good reviews and decided to buy it.  You wouldn't normally think of Hallmark as being a game store, but this one is actually pretty good!  I enjoyed it most with two or three players, but it can handle up to eight.

There are categories for drawings such as "things", "activities", and "famous characters".  Everyone has to guess the title of the other players' artworks.  Here's one by Kylen.

An added challenge is that players are required to draw on a surface that already has markings.  The markings must be incorporated into the drawing.  It can require a lot of creativity, which is a big part of what makes the game fun.  We all enjoyed seeing how the other players worked their markings in.  Greg and Kylen are very creative and artistic, even though Kylen doesn't usually express himself through drawing.

We ended up taking numerous pictures, because we were often impressed with each other's work.  Here is one by Greg.  He had to incorporate the moon shape.

I did this one.  It had the black circles where the table and chairs are drawn.

I highly recommend this game, especially for people who like to draw or are creative.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 2017

October boils down to three biggies: senior pictures, school, and Willy Wonka shows.  On the college front, Kylen filled out his first scholarship application and started his first college class.  He's taking a dual enrollment English course through Liberty University online.  It's worth a half high school credit.  If all goes well, he'll take a second English course before summer.

When we did senior pictures, we also got a family picture for our Christmas cards.  :)

And that was October!