Friday, May 20, 2016

Any April Highlights?

I only took pictures one day in April.  That's it.  Which makes me wonder if it's even worth doing an April highlights post?  Not that we didn't do anything!  We were plenty busy, me with my class and Kylen with his usual activities plus a few extras.  He attended a birthday party and an all day writer's workshop for Christian teens.  The one day I took pics was a good one though!  A family outing to Riverfront Park and a new restaurant.

The restaurant we tried is called The Wandering Table.  Their menu changes over time depending on the seasons and products available.  We decided to opt for choosing our own price.  $35 per person brought us nine courses!  It was fun seeing what would come out next, but the waiting was tedious.  They warned us from the start that the wait between courses can be long, but I didn't realize how quickly we would run out of things to talk about!  Definitely the kind of meal you want to do when there will be an abundance of conversation.  The other downside was that nearly every course had a sweet component.  Kylen didn't care for some of the dishes, so I had a hefty helping of those, and before the end I was feeling nauseous.  I'm guessing it was just a fluke the chefs didn't realize, since they are always adjusting their menu.  Our favorite dishes were the deviled eggs with maple syrup and bacon and the popcorn cauliflower.  In fact, Greg was inspired to look up and send me a link for a popcorn cauliflower recipe!  It really was fantastic, and we'd never heard of such a thing.  The other courses were a salad, sliders, wontons, duck, grilled asparagus, a rice cake, cucumber salad, and dessert.  We all felt it was definitely worth experiencing once!