Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Location, location!

They say location is everything! Our Master bedroom is the spot my son picked as the prime location for construction of his latest Lego kit. Whee! I guess it’s not too strange, since that’s the room where we watch movies and play video games. Anyhow, this baby has over 1300 pieces and was $100, most of which he paid for out of his own pocket.

I’m pretty proud of him. You see, he’s always had everything he wants or needs, being an only child with two doting parents and all. I recently felt like he needed to experience working and saving. So when he asked for this Lego set, instead of buying it for the next holiday, we suggested he start saving his money. He had a great time collecting and counting all the coins from all of his piggy banks (He has accumulated several over the years.). After adding his birthday money, bribery money offered for playing better in basketball (story for another time), and money from some odd jobs around the house, he had almost enough. (Greg offered to pay 20% and the tax from the very beginning.) He’s already started to save for something else.

Incidentally, we just asked Kylen why he picked the Master bedroom to unload his kit. He answered, “Because that’s where Daddy plays Fire Emblem.” That would be the game with the guy who never gets off his horse…er, I mean woman. That’s just sad. LOL!


A Romantic Porch said...

Enjoy those moments, they pass so fast! Yay that he saved up! xo Rachel

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Probably he expects Mom and Dad to get involved in this project! At least cheering from the sidelines, dontcha think?

Greg said...

Actually, to be fair to both Kylen and his dad (me!), the Lego set was $100, but I offered to front 20% of the cost, as well as the sales tax. I felt sorry for the boy, having to save up so much money. Little did I know he ALREADY had almost the full amount! It took him less than 2 weeks to get the rest. If only it was that easy for us grownups to save for a house! LOL

Farrah said...

Thanks for reminding me, Hun! I had forgotten about that! I'll edit my post!