Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Nice Weekend

I enjoyed my two week break! It gave me a large amount of free time, and made me realize I need to reduce the frequency of my posts. For now, I am going to aim for about three times a week.

Our Father’s Day weekend was nice and relaxing. Some of the highlights included seeing Kung Fu Panda again at the Imax (see a review here), going to Kylen’s last baseball game, and the annual raft excursion the boys take.

We also bought Kylen a new bike at Toys R Us. He LOVES it! And . . . It’s scaring me! He’s SO much higher on this one and moving SO much faster! He enjoyed lots of Daddy time as they broke in the new bikes, practiced baseball, and watched Super Hero cartoons (not my thing). We cooked and worked a little outside in the gorgeously perfect weather. I'm talking THE perfect weather: Not too hot t-shirt temps with a cool breeze. Heavenly!

Some of you might remember a post I did about Kylen’s big LEGO purchase several months ago. It got put away…then taken back out recently. He worked hard for a few days, and with some help from Greg, completed it. He was SO excited, he actually asked me if I could take a picture and put it on my blog! LOL! Here ya go:

We're savoring summer, doing a little homeschooling, talking about a short camping trip. Life is good!


Unknown said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful break! I hope you are having a fabulous summer! :)