Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Solar System, Balloons, and Global Warming

What do the solar system, balloons, and global warming have in common? Not sure? Well, let me tell ya!

This week we are finishing science. It felt like too much to do reading, note-booking and projects each day so we decided to save all the experiments/projects for the end. Today is the beginning of our experiment week! Incidentally, I really enjoyed learning about our universe along with Kylen. We used Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Fulbright. The author has a Christian worldview that shines out beautifully!

Near the end of the book is a chapter on types of stars. It was interesting to learn that many stars are variable. That is, the heat and energy emanating from them rises and falls over time. Our sun is not a variable star, because the energy coming out doesn’t change much. If it did vary drastically, our planet couldn’t sustain life. We’d have droughts and ice ages coming and going so fast, life couldn’t adapt quickly enough to survive. This got me to thinking about the big global warming debate. If many stars are variable, wouldn’t it make sense that our sun could be changing its energy output on a much smaller scale? In fact, our sun DOES emit more heat at times when it has more sun spots. I believe the global warming issue is a scare tactic politicians are using to get votes. Don’t let ‘em fool you! Here is an excellent video I just watched about climate changes.

Meanwhile, Kylen reached a huge milestone today! His first project was to make the solar system out of balloons. Since tying a balloon is impossible without bending your fingers (Believe me, I tried!), I needed Kylen to do the tying. I showed him how several times, tried to guide his fingers, and . . .he got frustrated. Several failed attempts. Threw the balloon across the room. Said he couldn’t. BUT! I DIDN’T LET HIM GIVE UP. I told him he was going to learn. It just takes practice like riding a bike. After many, many failed attempts with the balloon deflating several times in the process, he finally got it! And he was SO happy! Ah, these are the moments that make homeschooling feel more worthwhile. In fact, today will be remembered for blowing up a balloon rather than making a model of the solar system. Life is just full of surprises like that!

Speaking of which, Saturn flat out refused to exist. The first one began deflating immediately after Kylen tied it. A hole was the culprit. My tape band-aid proved ineffective when we later noticed it had drastically shrunk, looking more like a red white dwarf than a planet. Kylen found an old balloon already inflated in the basement. It was the perfect replacement. Soon after we set it down, we noticed it shrinking as well. Well, that sort of weirded me out. What are the chances! Could this be some sort of sign from God that Saturn won’t be here much longer? Lol! Remember, if it disappears in the next few days, you read it hear first!


Greg said...

What?? Am I the first to comment again??? :( That's pretty sad, considering how rarely I even think of looking at your blog. And when was the last time I updated MINE????? Amazon forums had taken over, and only recently have I been weaning myself off of them.

You know, I think there's a definite colleration between rises in global temperature and election years: more emissions of hot air, especially when Big Al was running! I think we're worse off this year, because we still had three candidates late into the campaign season.

Anonymous said...

Hi Farrah,
You always make school so interesting for Kylen. I will send my ds out and he can do school with the two of you. : )
Enjoyed your "two-fer tag" too!