Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Theme Day

There was a time when I intended to have one homeschooling theme day each month in place of the usual routine and curricula. Subjects and fun activities are built around a theme, often related to a holiday. Since we haven’t had one of these in a long, long, LOOOOOOOOOONG time, I am going all out for our St. Patrick’s Theme Day. We will be covering a variety of things, but in the future I might focus on the country of Ireland (perhaps create a lapbook), clover (and actually grow some!), or the color green.

Here are my current plans, in case any other homeschool moms are looking for a few last minute ideas. (Gleaned from a variety of sources on the internet.)

Kylen will wake up to find that mischievous leprechauns invaded our home during the night. Signs of their visit include:

  • Green water in the toilet and flowing from the tap when he washes his hands.
  • His milk magically turning green (if use link, scroll down to "magic milk") in the cup as he pours it out to make his current favorite breakfast of Ovaltine and toast.
  • Chocolate coins discovered in the strangest places with tale tell smatterings of gold dust.
  • A blob of green goo underneath a book. Oops! One less leprechaun in the world!

Once he has recovered from these shocking events, we will don our green shamrock glitter stickers and get started! History of the holiday, logic puzzles, and a little experiment called, “Letting Go of the Gold.” Then we’ll read a children’s story from the library and enjoy a magical green snack from the leprechauns (if use link, look in the comments section).

Break for some jokes! Perhaps listen to some Irish music . . .

I’ll take a trip down memory lane as we watch old ads of the Jolly Green Giant. This will help Greg and I settle our longstanding argument on whether “Ho ho ho” comes before or after the chorus “Green giant!”

Kylen will get a new book (Starring . . . You guessed it! Leprechauns!) from one of his favorite series. He’ll devour it in under an hour. Since he enjoys cooking, perhaps he’d like to help me make a new Irish dessert for dinner. (Which Greg will not eat, because he doesn’t like mint. More for us!) Of course, we’ll incorporate green foods into our meals.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the day by watching Darby O’Gill and the Little People or The Gnome-Mobile! I’ll post pics when I have them!


Pam said...

That sounds like a really neat day. We haven't had a day like that in quite a while either. However, we are starting a unit study on the middle ages and I have lots of nasty middle age recipes planned. I know the kids will be happy about that!
By the way, you won the book contest, so be sure to email me your address.

katrina said...

WOW!! I love all the creative ideas. I haven't had a day like that in a long time too. You are inspiring me to get with it and plan a theme day. THANK YOU for the encouragement (I have been in a bit of a hs rut lately) and the great ideas!

I meant to tell you the Lego store is in Bellevue Mall, about 30-40 munutes from us. If you ever get out this way let us know we will try to meet you :-)

jeleasure said...

Very cool, Farrah.
What a great imagination and talent for parenting.

Jen said...

It sounds like you had a fun day:)

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Farrah,

Sounds like fun! the children will never forget when taught that way! I wish i could of been there to enjoy the day!

Tamela :)