Monday, April 16, 2012

Homeschooling: The Extras (Part I)

I probably couldn't remember all the extras we've done this year, but I can give a quick overview! In terms of extracurricular activities, I would categorize us about middle-of-the-road. Now if I could drive, we'd likely be at the extreme end of busy, so it's probably good I can't. Gives us plenty of time to chill, sleep, think, and read.

The most valuable "extra" in our homeschool journey has been our co-op. We've been attending three trimesters a year, eight days a trimester since 2006. Besides the obvious benefit of enrichment classes (some of which would be impossible outside a group setting), we've been blessed to meet some of our best friends there. This year included drama, basketball (during lunch), the science class I mentioned, an inventions and technology class, strategy games (chess, Risk, etc. - taught by me), and art (also taught by me).  We were blessed to have a drama teacher who very kindly used a play written by Kylen.  I was an assistant and got to witness his work being brought to life under the hand of a truly gifted instructor.  It was an amazing experience for both of us!  Kylen would love to do more acting and is hoping for more drama classes in the future.  We'll see!

In addition, our co-op offers 2-4 field trips a month, of which we aim for one. This year we've toured Cabela's, a dam, and a frozen yogurt shop (yum!); watched high quality performances by two different children's Christian theater groups, and attended hands-on impressionism and soil exhibits at a museum. We also helped with our co-op's Christmas party.
The Shooting Range at Cabelas

Yogurt Shop

Impressionism Exhibit
 "PE" has consisted primarily of basketball, bike rides, LOTS of basement hockey, and recently a whole lot of rollerblading. A friend kindly offered us a ride to a once/month homeschool skate day, and it appears that may become a regular event on our calendar! During the summer, Greg's dad takes Kylen on weekly park outings for tennis and other activities.

Sadly, February marked the end of Upward basketball, since Kylen will exceed the grade limit next year. Between practices and games, it provided two solid months of exercise over the last 6 years. We liked how it was Christian based with a focus on good sportsmanship and values rather than competition. Next winter we'll have to look for something else!

Dribbling in Last Game

Can You Spot Kylen?  Smiling, Lower Middle
 I'll be doing one more post on homeschooling "extras," and that should wrap up my homeschool series!


katrina said...

GREAT post, wonderful pic's. I wish we had tagged along with you on a few of your outings :)I have thoroughly enjoyed this series of posts!! THANK YOU!!!

Farrah said...

It would have been great to have had you along! :-)

Greg said...

It's been exciting to watch Kylen's basketball improve. We still play on our driveway. :)

katrina said...

our Cabela's didn't have a shooting range :(