Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raft Ride

This is my favorite ride at Silverwood.  You always, always get totally sopping wet unless you wear a poncho or big, black garbage bag (which I have done).  It can be hard to get good pictures.  There are usually people swarming the place in the heat of the day when you want to get wet and there's time for your clothes to dry before evening.  The line can be VERY long.  We arrived slightly late, and this round I decided to be camera woman: few people, no bright sunlight, my chance to get some really nice shots.  I wanted to take 'em dead center, but there was another guy waiting.  So I kindly moved over, not knowing whose group would come first.  The prime spot on the bridge overhead was open, he standing slightly to the left, me slightly to the right.  We waited and waited  and waited . . . and waited.  At long last I see them coming, I excitedly move toward center while frantically getting my camera into position, and . . . he's already there.  Wouldn't you know it?  His people were on the same raft!  I had half a mind to shove him aside, but that wouldn't have been very Christian, would it?  So I contented myself with shots slightly to the right.  I hope his were perfect.  :-)  That's probably his wife with the great big grin.  Sigh . . . but, there's always next time!

Oh!  And notice my brother protecting his shoes under his shirt!  Lol!  Hilarious!


katrina said...

LOL you crack me up! Love the way your described this...I can totally picture it :) your shots are great btw! I want to go on this ride!

Farrah said...

Thank you! It's a good one! =)