Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Baking Party

My friend Karla hosted not one, but two Christmas events within a week!!  I was blessed to be able to attend both, the first of which was a baking party for the ladies.  I arrived with ingredients for a couple of treats and left with a pan full of goodies and the pleasant feeling of time well spent.

A cookie decorating station kept the girls busy!


This was my paper towel, which no one was to touch.  My paper towel!  MINE!

We took a break to enjoy a tea-themed gift exchange and finger foods.  Laura doesn't really have a mustache here.

Me and Karla in our aprons.  Mine makes me look fat, but I loved wearing it anyway.

I made sugared cranberries (bottom left corner) and Easy Almond Roca (not pictured).

Meanwhile, Greg and Kylen shared quality father-son time eating at one of their favorite restaurants and picking out a guitar strap.  They also enjoyed sampling the fruits of our labors!  :)


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

You got some good pictures (which I have saved to my hard-drive, since I only took a couple)! I'm glad you got to come! It was fun!

katrina said...

What a fun idea! I want to do this next year with the women in my small group! Maybe I won't wait until next year.....

Farrah said...

I totally think you should!! Highly encouraged! =)