Saturday, November 30, 2013

What We've Been Up To

I didn't do an October update, because that month was pretty quiet.  It was mostly filled with the usual activities, primarily school-related.  November, on the other hand, was just the opposite!  We enjoyed several opportunities for getting together with family and friends.  Greg got nine days home for Thanksgiving (using three vacation days), which we loved.  Of course, it went by way too fast. We did things like:

Work on outside Christmas lights . . .

Or more correctly, GREG and KYLEN worked on lights.  Kylen has formally been initiated into the "Outside Christmas Lights Crew," and you know, once you're in . . . you're in for life!  Meanwhile, I worked on creating Christmas gifts:
I've gotten faster at making digital scrapbooks, but they still require a lot of creative energy and need to be spread out over several sessions.  I also made a couple of calendars for family and have other books started that probably won't make it for the holiday season.  They'll be great birthday gifts!
We got in plenty of games!
Greg took advantage of every spare second for his computer projects.  Kylen looked at books and played video games; I read aloud.  It was a great month!  There are a few more posts I'd like to do on November happenings before moving on to December.  :-)


katrina said...

How fun to have 9 days together!! Precious time for sure!! I enjoyed this post a lot!