Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creation Vs Evolution Debate

We enjoyed watching this debate last night between Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis CEO, and Bill Nye, the Science Guy.  It generated a lot of discussion, especially between Greg and Kylen.  Seemed like we were pausing every 10-15 minutes to talk about what we heard, what we believe, and whether the points made were valid.  I believe it's important for children to thoroughly understand the arguments on both sides of controversial issues in order to defend their own beliefs intelligently.


Luke Holzmann said...

I totally agree! It's far too easy -- and common -- to simply setup strawmen arguments for your opponents. Far better to take the time to understand their best arguments and decide based on that. It will also make it much more beneficial when you have a chance to converse with someone who disagrees with you.


Farrah said...

Absolutely! :-)

katrina said...

I missed this but looking forward to heading over to Gregs blog to check out his thoughts!