Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Air Show

There are many things I enjoyed as a child that Kylen still hasn't experienced.  Since my uncle is still doing those activities with his children and many of them are more fun in a group, I was telling him that we should pick something different each year to do together.  He immediately asked if we'd ever been to an air show.  Kylen and I hadn't!  There was an air show coming up the following weekend, and he invited us on the spot to join them.  It ended up being very warm outside with a gorgeous sky.

So much pavement!!!!  Thankfully, we had my wheelchair.  It saved me a lot of walking!

I'd never been to a military base before and was curious about the grounds and what it would be like.  It was neat seeing soldiers everywhere!

Kylen Looking Through Binoculars

Uncle, Cousin, Kylen, and Greg

People were "camped out" under many of the planes.

The Highlight of the Show: Thunderbirds Flying in Formation

This thing shoots fire out the back far enough to double its length!  We got to see it in action!

I was glad we went once, although it's probably not something I would do again.  I'm just not into planes and jets, although the thunderbirds were pretty impressive.  Now, maybe if they had artists come in and decorate the planes . . .  ;-)


katrina said...

oh those are fabulous pictures!!