Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Update

September was all about school!  High school is turning out to be pretty intense.  Kylen and I are both more than ready for a break once the weekend arrives.  He is ahead of schedule in a couple of subjects and barely staying on schedule in others.  He usually has light homework in the evenings.  I planned most subjects to be done in 8 months rather than 9 to give ourselves a little buffer and the possibility of a much lighter schedule during December.

The apples class I'm co-teaching at our co-op is going well.  Having a co-teacher has taken some of the pressure off of me to make sure I have an hour's worth of material prepared.  Plus, she is doing all the prep for the lapbook portion of the class, which is a LOT of paper cutting!

I am also working on organizing our co-op's Christmas party.  This one will be more elaborate than last year but not as intense as 2012.  There will be crafts and games, but the prize system will be simpler.  Our theme is "A White Christmas."  Lots of blue, white, and snow!

My health is doing well.  My doctor told me she thinks I'm in remission!  Most of my meals follow the strict diet, but I have been experimenting with going off it more over the past month.  We've eaten out a few times, and I will occasionally have a small portion of what Kylen is eating for dinner.  I've noticed a reaction a few times, like my thumb joint being sore for a few days, but for the most part I've felt pretty good!  It's great to know I can be free to eat other things occasionally and not stress about it.

Fall hasn't really set in here.  A few leaves, but our grass is still green and the days are usually nice.  We're not complaining!