Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had my favorite kind of Christmas again this year:  staying home!  It included all the traditions we love: reading about Jesus' birth, picking out gifts for the needy, opening presents, relaxing, talking to friends over the phone, and playing new games.  Happy birthday, Jesus!  We love you!!

I should frame this!  ;-)
Always fun opening the packages we get in the mail from my friend, Kris.

We appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into each and every gift we received.  Just a small sampling and a big "Thank you!"

Kylen was completely surprised when he opened an xbox!

Possibly my favorite present last year was a ME daily calendar. Loved the quotes/pics throughout the year and having today's date right next to my computer. I was so glad to get another one!

A lovely addition to the décor from dear friends.

After I went to Starbucks for coffee with a good friend from women's Bible study, she handed me a gift bag with this ornament (and cookies!)!!  What a neat way to remember our wonderful chats!

A new Kitchen Fairy from Hubby!  LOVE it!!!

T-shirts with witty sayings continue to be highly prized by my boys!

We've already played all these new games!

Kylen's big gift from his grandparents: an electric keyboard!


katrina said...

Wonderful pictures documenting a lovely Christmas! You look beautiful Farrah!

Farrah said...

Aw, you're too sweet! Thank you, Katrina! :-)