Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's Day 2015

The Wednesday before Father's Day, Greg hurt his back badly at work.  He was just standing up from his desk chair when he "felt something."  He needed crutches to get from the car to his bed that night.  The next two days, he worked from home, because he couldn't handle sitting anywhere other than the loveseat.  Poor guy!!!  Consequently, his Father's Day was a tad uneventful.  He was feeling well enough to eat out, but other than that we hung out at home.  He did a couple hours of work in the morning, opened his cards and gifts, and then it was off to Max Mirabeau and some shopping.  He spent a large part of the evening reading the rules for a strategy game, but it was so late by the time he finished, we didn't end up playing it that day.  He loves having down time at home, so it was probably a perfect day for him minus the stiff back!  I'm glad to report he's back to normal now.  :)