Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Update 2015

That's right!  It's June!

We are winding down, but Kylen still has a couple weeks for some subjects.  French may need to go longer.  I didn't realize that the final workbook was much larger than the others and grossly underestimated the time it would take to finish.  He will have his annual state testing soon, and we have begun basic review in math and English.  Even if he wasn't required to be tested, I think the review is good.  He had geometry this year and did very little algebra, so this will help reinforce anything he's forgotten since last year.

Co-op ended a week ago.  Kylen, of course, will miss seeing his friends every week, but he will still get plenty of opportunities for hanging out over the summer.  He will be busy in the evenings.  He has open gym basketball Monday nights, youth group Wednesday nights, and cello lessons Thursday nights.  Speaking of which, he is going to begin cello lessons this week.  He was inspired by the Piano Guys.  We're hoping his year of violin lessons will come in handy for helping him progress quickly.

I've finalized a lot of the curriculum for next year, but I need to begin ordering it!  And I'd like to do a post summarizing and evaluating the curriculum we used this year.

This is my favorite song by the Piano Guys.  I'm not into the Eastern religion references (yin and yang), but I love the tune, especially the cello's part at the beginning.

On the Horizon
For several months, Greg has been excitedly planning a programming group he wants to start for boys Kylen's age - programming video games.  He may even turn it into a business, depending on how it goes.  Some of the dads are interested as well.  Kylen isn't big into programming, but he will at least participate long enough for it to be part of his occupational education class.

We have a mini family reunion coming up that I'm looking forward to!  I will likely come post all about it.  :)

Oh!  Kylen is going to play in Hoopfest!  He hasn't done that since he was little.  Some of the boys he played with through parks and rec will be his teammates.  Unfortunately, they aren't getting many opportunities to practice.  Having fun is what counts though, right?  =)

Goals for the summer.  I don't have many right now!  I'd like to:

*Make progress on planning a co-op art appreciation class.
*Research college options for Kylen.
*Get rid of stuff.
*Help Greg clean the garage. (Probably not happening soon.)
*Work on a digital photography book. (Probably not happening soon.)

I'd like to be better about:

*Writing to my pen-pals.
*Trying new recipes for my diet.
*Having people over.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


katrina said...

Another wonderful post! So exciting that Kylen is going to learn cello!He is quite a talented young man! We love the piano guys!! Oh, what geometry curriculum did you use and did you like it? We had hoped to come to Spokane for Farm Chicks and try to meet up with you all but baby O left us that weekend and we new that was possibly the time he would leave so we did not plan it. It was good we didn't because we were all just a mess. I hope to find some other time to head down your way. I would love to visit in person :) I think of you often and pray for you and your family all the time.

Farrah said...

You are too kind! :) We would love to meet you guys whenever it works out!

For geometry, we used A Beka and did NOT like it at all!!! I would only recommend their math for the grade school levels. We are switching to Teaching Textbooks next year. I have heard that Teaching Textbooks is excellent for geometry. (Too late for us!)

Thank you for praying for us! I'm praying for your family as well. I can't imagine how rough it must have been saying goodbye. You guys are incredibly brave and are doing a wonderful thing giving children love, if only for a season. Big hugs to you all!!!