Sunday, August 23, 2015

Satay Bistro

To me, part of summer break is trying out a few new restaurants.  I compare each one to my current favorites, and if it doesn't measure up, we don't return!  Seems like we've had more misses than hits lately, but Satay Bistro was a hit . . . at least for me and Greg.  :)

The elegance of the interior surprised us.


You definitely want to dress up for this place!  We felt grossly underdressed in our t-shirts and jeans.

The fondue is worth trying once, and the baked brie was very good.  The chicken gorgonzola was extremely rich but delicious.  Greg didn't like his duck much, and Kylen didn't care for his stuffed chicken, but their desserts completely made up for it.  We ordered the bread pudding and raspberry sorbet, both of which were excellent.  Greg and I would like to go back and try a couple other entrees (and of course get dessert again!), especially the steak, which is highly recommended.