Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Update

Is it really November already???  The last two months have flown by.  I've been completely immersed in school-related activities, especially my art appreciation class.  I like to know a subject inside and out before attempting to teach it, and it's been a true blessing expanding my knowledge in an area that has been such an important part of my life.  I've loved art since I can remember, and yet I was completely ignorant of basics like famous artists, art styles, and the elements of art.  It's been eye-opening!

Kylen's schedule is heavier than I anticipated.  I really was hoping for a lighter year, and it IS lighter in some respects, but he is still struggling to get everything done.  Monday was our last day of co-op.  It will be nice to have Mondays back for a couple months, and I am hoping Kylen can use that day to catch up.  He's not horribly behind - 2 hours in one subject, 4 in another, etc. but I don't want to wait until summer!

Kylen passed his driving test on the 17th!!  He can't get his license until he turns 16 in January, but we are thrilled he has the tests out of the way.  He missed 12 points, although 6 were from something the driving instructor warned him about, and Greg didn't take it seriously!

I'm currently working on catching up after a busy couple of months.  School will continue in earnest through November, although I'm hoping for an easier schedule in December.  Two things that have made my life easier this year: I'm not doing all the pictures for our co-op's yearbook, and I'm not planning the Christmas party.  A student volunteered to take a bunch of the pictures, and a member offered to take on the Christmas party.  I also was able to hand off preparing the family bins to another board member.  Plus, a different board member told me she will be ready to take over the newsletter in the summer, which was my last big job.  The strong urging I've felt to get rid of my extra co-op duties is fast coming to fruition, and I'm excited to see what new things God has in store for me.  Until then, I'll enjoy the break and focus on my art class!