Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

On my favorite day of the year, we stay home and relax while enjoying our favorite traditions.  The morning is a little hectic, because I like to start with a clean house and nice breakfast, but after that it's all fun.

One of our past neighbors who didn't move too far away still leaves homemade jam on our doorstep every 23rd or so.  There have been lots of yummy flavors, but peach is one of the best.  We had it on toast alongside the breakfast casserole prepared the night before. 

I forgot to get pics until we were almost done!

We read about Jesus' birth as always, but this time I looked up commentary for a couple of scriptures that spurred a great discussion!  Afterwards, we picked out gifts for the needy.

I read the latest installment in the "If You Give A Mouse" series, in memory of Kylen's childhood.  One year, our Christmas letter was a spin-off of one of those stories,  I think it started "If you give a Kylen a candy cane . . ." and included details and events from the year.

Next, the gifts . . .

The big one from Greg was Spyder Pong.  I've never heard of it, but I like it!  It's a slow version of ping pong.

This was a weird one!

Kylen fiddled with it quite a bit trying to ascertain it's purpose, much to Greg's delight.

Turns out, it was a huge net to hang in our basement to keep stray tennis balls inside the playing area.

We got lots of lovely things but just a few more highlights.  From Hubby, an item off my wishlist:

From an old friend, who was probably thinking of our Hawaii trip.  Despite the challenges we faced, we have so many wonderful and incredible memories, reminders are always welcome.

Continuing the tradition of new comment t-shirts.  I LOVE this one for Kylen, "God is greater than."

Ain't this the truth:

Although Greg took his new desk calendar to work, he's actually bringing the puzzles home and doing them with Kylen.  Even better, Kylen is enjoying them!

Friends served pepper jelly at a recent gathering.  I bought a jar for Christmas, and Greg has eaten most of it himself.  He has it directly on Ritz crackers, but I prefer mine with cheese or cream cheese.

It was a white Christmas!

Kylen FINALLY got his own phone, and let me tell ya, he was WAY overdue!  Driver's licenses should come with a cell phone.  It has been extremely annoying sharing mine, even though I rarely use it.  Here he is probably downloading his favorite apps and games.

Even though the phone knew Kylen's age, the parental controls had messages for a 5-year old.

We've now adjusted it, but seeing this pic still makes me laugh!  Lol!!!

The day wouldn't be complete without new games!  We played Dominion Empires first (from Kylen's and Greg's wishlists), which was a lot of fun.  7 Wonders was on my wishlist, and we've played it several times.  We love that it's relatively short and easy but still requires some strategy.  We've enjoyed the Terra Mystica expansion as well.  Hoping to try Pandemic Legacy soon!

Happy birthday, Jesus!  Thank you for your blessings!!!  It was a wonderful day!!!