Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 2017

I'm about a month behind!  I should be doing an April post!  We were on break from co-op during part of March, which allowed me extra time to catch up around the house.  Kylen took the SAT, which he did fairly well on but not as well as we hoped.  He will likely take it again.  There were a few gatherings with family and friends, and School House Rock Live! had its last show.  We were excited my uncle's family came.

Packing up everything after the final show.

Kylen was pretty worn out and fell asleep a few times while watching science videos.  Isn't he cute!?

We celebrated Greg's dad's birthday.  :)

Kylen and I got a little silly with a napkin and lemon seed.

We really enjoyed spending time with out-of-town family, which I posted about here.

The wedding was amazing!