Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017

May was a full month with many events.  The CYT production of Snow White and the Prince went into full swing.  That took up a lot of Kylen's weekends and caused him to miss numerous events he normally would have attended, including three graduations, a birthday party, wedding reception, writer's conference, and I don't know what all.  Apparently, this is only an issue in the spring since I don't remember it being a problem the last two productions.  So I decided not to allow him to participate in the CYT spring show next year.  Otherwise, he'd probably miss his own graduation!

Co-op ended, bringing my art appreciation class to a close and freeing some of my time.  Greg and Kylen auditioned at our little local theater, and both got parts!  It is very exciting, as Greg hasn't been in a play since first grade, and Kylen ended up with lead role!  Performances begin early July.

We started the month with attending my niece's birthday party.  :)  I posted about it here.  She's at that age when she's rapidly turning into a young lady.  Before we know it, she'll be grown!

While eating at Red Robin, we were blessed unexpectedly by strangers.  A waitress came over and handed us this gift card, saying someone requested she give it to us after they left.  It was generous, enough to almost cover our meal.  It warmed my heart and reminded me of all the kind people out there.  :)

I posted about Mother's Day here.

A good friend tried a new tea house with me!  We had a wonderful afternoon, and I'll definitely be going back!  More pics here.

I posted about an awesome annual fundraiser for a crisis pregnancy center here.

We went to a graduation (without Kylen, of course).  Twas that time!

Pay attention to this guy's name.  He'll probably be famous someday.  Super bright, talented, ambitious, and about to publish his first novel.  Kylen met him through a Christian teen writer's group.

Funny.  No, really, it's not haunted!

Had a sweet late night ice cream date with friends to get an early start on Greg's birthday.  :)

For the actual day, we made a trip to Missoula for a wedding reception.  I posted all about it here. There's probably too many food pics, but I couldn't help myself.  Food is a serious passion!

We're always happy to see these lovely people.  :)

Kylen's CYT class had its final showcase.

He was one of many to be honored for completing all the core classes.  Kylen was the oldest, but that's because he didn't start until this year.  I'm super proud of him for trying something that many students begin at age 8.  Next year, there will be more choices open since he'll have the core classes out of the way.

That's it for May!!  June should be more calm.