Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th 2017

We started 4th of July at our city's parade!  Greg and Kylen walked with their theater group.  I was glad my uncle's family and his in-laws were able to come sit with me.  :)

Kylen and Greg in their costumes.

It's a lovely small town parade with lots of bicycles, kids, and golf carts.

Here they come!  Can you spot Kylen and Greg?  (Hint: they are waving flags!)

The Cow Pie Posse put on quite a show, definitely a crowd favorite!

Lunch at Red Robin.

We came home, played games, and drove to the school to meet back up with my uncle's family for fireworks.  Our neighbors ended up sitting next to us too!  The fireworks were so close, it was a little scary but exciting.  That may be the most we've ever enjoyed them.  :)