Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After the rain...

. . . the rainbow! Life is SOOOOO good!!

It's been some time since I've done a post about what we've been up to! So I thought I'd give a little summary. :-)

My father is home and doing well. Praise God! Thank you to all who prayed! My sister is supposed to have her labor induced today, so Kylen might have a new cousin by this time tomorrow! AND . . . We are over our colds and feeling great!

The Lord gave us a wonderful summer, the best ever! We decided to skip our annual vacation and opted to enjoy weekend outings. What a trip! I am leaving summer feeling like we really savored the season for the first time in our ten years of marriage. Our excursions included visits to several local parks, rafting down the river, jet skiing at a lake, visiting a museum, hiking on a trail, rock climbing on a mountain top, and visiting several new restaurants. Of course, there was a little shopping in there. We also went to two family weddings and will go to a third this Saturday.

I decided to homeschool year round, so that our schedule can be more relaxed. This has worked well for our family, since Kylen is an only child and would get extremely bored during summer. We were able to finish last year's science, start history, and will soon finish an art software curriculum. I read him fairy tales and had him do some writing, as well.

In a week or two, we will begin having a heavier schedule again with math, English, and cursive writing. We will also resume attending co-op one day/week at the end of the month. I will be teaching my "Just for Fun" class with all new themes, and I am SOOOOOOO excited about it! I'll be doing weekly blog posts with details about each class like I did last trimester. Greg has been very busy working on a program to make co-op registration automated. He will also be teaching a computer class.

Our garden was fantastic, record-setting! (That's not saying much considering it was only our third or fourth year.) Almost everything germinated! We have harvested strawberries, peas, dill, beans, yellow squash, potatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Blackberries, carrots, and cantaloupe are yet to come.

And now I am getting ready to eat a very late breakfast with Sonshine, followed by homeschooling, blog visiting, maybe some housework and computer stuff. Toodles!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Great post! I've been wondering about you... and now I know.

Just one question: Is Sonshine Kylen? Or Greg? Or somebody else entirely? (That is really just one question, even though it has 3 question marks!)

lauralavon said...

So nice to hear all the good news!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you dad is feeling better, your family is feeling better, and (maybe) the new little cousin is here!
It sounds like an awesome summer (especially the shopping.) I think my kids would protest to much if I did year round schooling, but I think it's a great idea.
(Would have been by sooner, but my modem crashed. Grr!)

Kelli said...

Wonderful news about your dad, Farrah! And how exciting to be expecting a new little cousin! Your garden is doing so well...nice and green.

Marsha said...

Your blog is so cheery! I love your planter boxes!
Your vacation sounds wonderful! We did things around the area too for our vacation. The farthest we went was two hours away. I like vacations like that. Not so stressful

Andrew Clarke said...

Glad to hear your good news, and thanks for your comment. It's interesting to hear that: bullying is treated seriously in schools in other cultures. As you say, we wouldn't want to overdo the severity of it, but some students are left to cope with too much because of the assumption that learning to cope with bullying is part of growing up. Victimisation should not be tolerated at all. We were looking at home-schooling our daughter because she became so stressed by the spiteful behaviour she encountered at school. I can see why your family, and many others, elected home-schooling. Blessings.