Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday Thirteen

I haven't participated in a meme for ages! How about two in one? Thursday Thirteen and Thankful Thursday:

  1. Life. Another week of borrowed time. Every second, every day a gift from God.
  2. Love. Hubby cooked dinner the past few nights, and Sonshine has been saying how thankful he is to have me for a mom. I am so blessed!
  3. Liberty. In the greatest nation on Earth, where I have the privilege to vote. I have am grateful McCain chose a conservative VP and that there has been no repeat of the September 11th terrorist attack that stunned our country.
  4. Nice weather. Especially today. Look outside. Isn’t it lovely? I think so.
  5. The Spokane Fair. It will run through Sunday. For me, nostalgia at its best.
  6. Bloggers who love Jesus. You know who you are! Thank you for posting words of wisdom and encouragement recently!
  7. My happy, comfy home. Thank you, Lord, for the butterfly magnet from the Christian store. I love it!
  8. My bible. Profound words read a few days ago: Freely ye have received, freely give. Matt. 10:8b I want to give more: more love, more money and time, more of myself to others. He gave everything for me. Can I do that? Lord, let me hold back nothing.
  9. Fudgees. If you haven’t tried ‘em and like chocolate, then you need to get to the store pronto! I might be addicted.
  10. The joy I get from art. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift. Lately, I've been itching for a creative project and finding renewed delight in the handiwork of others.
  11. The internet and e-mail. Not sure how anyone functions without them. I had fun e-mailing my sweet cousin this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELODY!!!!
  12. This beautiful world. We went for a drive Sunday and saw a couple of parks I’d never visited. We really need to do that more often!
  13. Music. I am listening to Christian radio on the net as I type this. It’s a great way to get around static and bad reception.
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    i said...

    What a lovely thankful list!

    Remain blessed!

    Denise said...

    Bless your thankful heart.

    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

    Wonderful TT list. I want Fudgees, what are they?

    Debra Kaye said...

    Thank you for this great TT list. I, too, want fudges!

    Melanie said...

    I love this post.. so much thankfulness!

    Anonymous said...

    I want fudgies too! I had never even heard of them before, but now I must have them. Maybe it's because I am hungry.
    What a great thankful post!