Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bloggy!!

Exactly one year ago today I entered this expansive and diverse world with my first entry, and . . . WHAT A RIDE!!! It's been rewarding, time-consuming, fun, frustrating, and totally worth it (or so I like to think). I have met AMAZING PEOPLE who blew me away with their knowledge and talent. I have gleaned tons of useful information and found fellowship with Christians I will never meet this side of heaven.

I've laughed and cried, won a couple of giveaways, stayed up all hours of the night, got to see Hubby start his own blog, and in all that time I didn't get a single rude comment that I can remember (other than a little spam), for which I am truly grateful!

I'm looking forward to doing it all again!

Now without further ado, let's celebrate with a giveaway! I did one when my blog was one month old and still remember the winner: Pam! How about it, Pam? Ready to give it another go?

The package will be specially tailored to the winner, so I can't disclose contents. I can only assure everyone that I will make it worth your time if the random number generator picks you! Simply leave a comment in the next week telling me whether you like chocolate. That doesn't guarantee there will be any, but it gives me a worthy place to start!

International folks welcome! We are accustomed to the shock of shipping costs exceeding the worth of what’s inside, as we have family in Europe to whom we occasionally mail things.

Hubby is forbidden to enter. Sorry, Hubby!

Happy One Year Birthday, Bloggy!


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Oh, goody! You didn't say anything about the "instigator" being forbidden to enter! ;-) And you already know my feelings on chocolate...

Happy Bloggity Birthday!

katrina said...

How fun to check your blog to see such a celebratory new look! HAPPY Bloggy BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I love chocolate :-) what a fun thing to do.....having a give-a-way!!!
In Him,

Greg said...

But... but... but I LOVE chocolate!! I ADORE chocolate!!! I'd take a swim in it, if we had the means!

Happy Blog-day anyway, Love! :)

Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Blog Day!

I like what my wife calls "Cheap Chocolate"... I'm not into the rich stuff at all. Milk chocolate all the way for me [smile].


nitewrit said...


Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate milk,
Chocolate bars, chocolate fudge, fudgecycles on a stick, peanuts cover with it and marshmellow wraped with it...oh indeed, I do like chocolate...and to often the sacle tells me so.

Happy anniversity!

Larry E.

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Farrah,

Happy Blogging Birthday!

I do love chocolate but my body doesn't it reacts to it in ways that are not good! LOL!

You always have fun things on your blog!

Good luck to everyone!

Kris said...

You know I loooove dark chocolate! Happy bday! Kris

Anonymous said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday, Farrah! I know I have been in scarce in bloggy land lately, but I still love your blog even if I never won another giveaway. However, I am partial to chocolate. : )
Hope I am not to late to enter!

Anonymous said...

Do I like chocolate?!?! Are you kidding me? Oh yes. See my Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever posted today as proof of my dedication. No longer an addiction, just a... dedication. ; )