Monday, January 9, 2012

He Still Brings Me Cadbury Eggs

It's my favorite candy, but they must be original. Only original will do.

My grandma won't eat them. She says the yellow center reminds her of a real yolk. There may be a back story in there about a baby chick lost during childhood, but I can't recall for sure.

Some men bring their wives flowers. Mine did that for a few years, but he switched to Cadbury Eggs. Probably because he was the one who got stuck arranging the flowers. Don't they look too long? I'd make him trim them. Then, I'd rearrange them myself. Don't they still look too long? He'd cut them again; I'd rearrange. And so it would go, poor man.

Besides that, Cadbury eggs last longer -- I can pack 'em around for months (as stored energy around my middle). And now that Easter candy is being sold at Christmas, the season for consumption is long indeed! Sweet!

My hubby loves me. He brings me Cadbury Eggs.


katrina said...

this was a "sweet" post :) you must have very good will power, as I wouldn't be able to keep chocolate I enjoy in the house very!

katrina said...

ps. LOVE the birds!!!

Farrah said...

Thank you for your comments, Katrina! I took that shot a couple years ago from our bathroom window, of all places! I liked the look of the frost and snow stuck to the glass behind the ceramic birds. The birds represent my husband and me. We're quite happy together in our warm, happy home despite the storms that rage outside.

Greg said...

Awww..... You are SOOOOOO cute! And your description of our experience with the flowers is dead-on. In fact, one time I got you these flowers whose scent you couldn't stand! That pretty much did me in for good! Cadbury eggs are so much better! Ooh, I think I'll go out and get some more! ;)

Kris said...

Those are my FAVORITES too. Yaaay, I'm so glad your blog is back!! Have you discovered yet? You would LOVE it. Let me know if you need an invitation.