Saturday, January 28, 2012

CLEAN Black Light Party

Sonshine turned 12 a week ago today, and I am pleased to announce that he is not yet taller than me. We know it's coming, we've been expecting it for months, but the big moment has not arrived! Kylen measured in at a mere 5' 5 1/4", 3/4" short of 5' 6''. HA!

We settled on a black light theme this year, which proved a bit of a challenge. Apparently black light parties often involve dancing and/or substance abuse. Those obviously weren't directions we wanted to go, but between bits and pieces gleaned from the net and adapting a handful of common games, we managed to get good results. And it may have been one of our easiest parties!

A huge advantage was our pre-owned arsenal of glowing gadgets: black lights, laser machine, plasma light, moon nightlight, and left-over glow sticks. We figured there was a treasure trove scattered 'round the house just waiting for illumination. This part actually proved to be a lot of fun, especially when we began our hunt in Kylen's room. A good portion of his LEGO collection was in the middle of the floor. We flipped the switch, plugged in the black light, and went scrounging. Greg and Kylen turned up enough glowing bricks to build some models while I looked around for other potential decorations.

Our search continued into the basement where we had some significant finds, not the least of which was dice and golf balls. I decided to use the crystal as a unifying base: an interesting combo with the neon. My plan was to light the pieces with glow sticks, though in the hustle and bustle they didn't quite get activated.

Uncolored velvet posters are great. Highlighters are incredible, particularly yellow, orange and pink. (There were enough girls there to justify a sprinkling of that color, with our options being so limited.) Kylen requested a visible schedule of events, which I created with highlighter on white cardboard. It looked fantastic -- wish we could have gotten a decent shot! A couple of his posters had enough white to serve as wall space filler. We purchased a small, portable black light for testing items in stores (with lots of hurriedly mumbled explanations, since it looked a lot like a gun): candles (all white was best), crepe paper (white again), tablecloth (white!), napkins (guess what color?!), and neon orange plastic cups called "Brights." Also, blue plastic spoons. The tablecloth was paper on plastic, so kids could doodle using highlighters in the tried and true colors. We also found neon plastic stars to scatter 'round.

Guests arrived to see the laser in its full glory. Everyone with vaulted ceilings should try one of these. The effect just can't be described in words. We gave demos of the aforementioned gadgets complete with a lecture by geeky Hubby on the science behind black lights. They played classic games of Hide and Seek, Heads Up 7-Up (with light sticks), Thief (a modified game I learned at my uncles, which I will post on sometime), 20Q (glows in the dark), and a quick dice game. One of our talented young guests gave us an impressive card/magic show that garnered lots of laughs!

All too soon, it was time for dessert and gifts. We served chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing on an orange glowing platter. After a few final rounds of thief, the kids took home a clear bag with glowing noisemaker, stretchy ball with light, and highlighters (from Michaels), glow sticks, a mini black velvet poster, and a few plastic neon stars. This really was a fun theme!

I went crazy on the pictures.  Here is a sampling:

Crystal & Neon


Decorations & Favors

Invitation in Day

Invitation Under Black Light

Piano & Stars

Otherworldly LEGO Landscape

Greg's LEGO Creation

Under Black Light

Moon Nightlight

Kylen's LEGO Creation

Laser Machine

Velvet Poster in Day

Velvet Poster Under Black Light


Crystal & Neon


Blowing Out Candles with a Straw

Loved Our Guests' Table Art!



Greg said...

"Unifying base"???? Yikes, Hon, you sound like an interior decorator! :)

But, yeah, that was a fun party! One thing I should emphasize for anyone thinking about doing a black light party is that not all white materials glow in the black light. We were seriously disappointed with plates, cups, and table cloths. So our best advice is to get a battery-powered light like the one we got and take it into the store with you. If an item responds to black light, it will be pretty obvious, even in the bright lights of a retailer.

Farrah, you have to describe "Thief" soon, because it was a blast to play!

katrina said...

I have never heard of a black light party before yours! It sounds like so much fun and I LOVE all of your pictures and descriptions of the party! Ah...not much longer and Kylen will be taller than you :) it was bittersweet when Samuel grew taller than me. I know it's supposed to just seems so fast, like everything with our kids. I hope you are feeling fully reccovered from your flu bug.

Farrah said...

Thank you, Katrina! I felt pretty good over the weekend, had a weird relapse a few days this week, but today I'm finally feeling pretty much normal. Praise the Lord!