Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Today is bittersweet. It marks the end of one of our sponsorships through Compassion.

I wrote our first letter to Kanchana in June 2006. It didn't take long for her to win our hearts, especially with her frequently expressed desire to visit the U.S. We smiled when she talked about wanting to see snow, prayed when she fretted over her studies, and marveled at her beautiful pictures with their bold, brilliant colors.

We knew she should be graduating soon, because she was already at "older child" status when we began this journey. Older children have a difficult time getting sponsored, so when we were asked if we'd consider adding an "older child," we accepted. Two letters a month (one to her and one to a boy we were already sponsoring) were very doable along with the monetary portion for food, school, and healthcare -- in Jesus' name.

Somehow it still came as a surprise when we got the call a few weeks ago notifying us Kanchana had just graduated from the program. How could five years have passed?! We were told she is planning for college while continuing to live at home. We gave her a last parting financial gift with our blessing, and I just finished my last piece of correspondence. It's marked "FINAL LETTER" at the top in bold print and filled with love and hope: hope for a happy future in the Lord. I pray He will bless her.

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Her first letter to us:

How are you? I am fine. Did you go anywhere on vacation? I didn't go anywhere, because my mother was very busy. She worked hard. I want to see your house, and I want you to come to my house too. How is your family? My family is fine. It is difficult for me to take care of my sisters and brothers. There are many persons in my family.

I want to see snow. Do you have a picture of snow? I want to see your family. Do you keep pets? I keep fish at home because my mother likes it.

Please pray for my English camp next month. I dream to visit different countries far way like America. I have dreamed since I was a very little girl. I think it is impossible. It is just a dream but I really want to see it.

Please send me a picture for your house. May God bless you and your family to be happy.

May God bless you,


Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

That is so interesting. Are you not "allowed" to keep writing to her now that she has graduated?

Farrah said...

We are allowed to give her our contact info. now that she is graduated from the program, but they don't recommend it. We decided to take their advice and not pursue staying in touch.

katrina said...

That was going to be my question, too! Lovely you still are sponsoring the boy?

Farrah said...

Yes, we are! He's close to our son's age, so it will be several years before he graduates from the program. I'm also planning to add a new "older child" this summer so we'll be back to two. :-)

katrina said...

Oh that is great! Hope you are all well! Oh, did you get my email with ?'s regarding hs a boy etc.?

Farrah said...

Yes, I did! And I would love to do some posts occasionally on what we are up to with homeschooling. We are all well, praise the Lord! I'm coming to the end of a very difficult two months with our schedule being busier than I like. I'm working on catching up and trying to maintain my sanity. Lol! I've had a few ideas for blog posts but just haven't had the mental capacity to get 'em up. I'm hoping to get something up soon though! =)