Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I don't have time to blog right now, but why should that should stop me?  ;-)  How's about a quick recap on a favorite holiday?

I spent the first half of Valentine's Day e-mailing and taking care of co-op business.  Not so fun!  But the second half I was able to set up the annual treasure hunt for Sonshine and enjoy the evening.  We also ate . . . er, slurped our traditional special dessert.  This time is was a strawberry milkshake I wanted to try.  (Good but not yummy enough to post the recipe.  Only the best!)

At some point, I noticed a box of chocolates had magically appeared in Mr. Ape's hands.  I suspect he was in league with Hubby.  You may recall from a previous post, that chocolate plays a prominent role in our romance.

The treasure hunt always begins with a card exchange . . . between me and Greg, from Kylen to each of us, and from us to Kylen.

Our card to Sonshine always has the first clue.  He's a big fan of Phineas and Ferb!

Greg excitedly showed Kylen how the paper "decoder" worked.  It was cute.

Down to the basement for a clue!

This was funny.  Greg decided it would be cool to get video footage of the hunt from far and lofty heights, so he walked around carrying the tripod with the camcorder on top.  Kylen wanted to try it.

Cuppa clue: one of my locations for the sought after little folded strips of paper.

Kylen's haul included a couple LEGO sets, books, a ton of minfigs from the latest series, and his favorite: Mariokart 3DS.  Out of 12 packs of minifigs, we got four identical of one we didn't like.  I'm wondering about the odds on that.

A fun, possibly new tradition reflecting Kylen's recent affinity for practical jokes.  I discovered the "L" and "V" from my Mary Engelbreit letters had been swapped.  Who could have done it?  I switched them back only to find them swapped again.  And so we've been going back and forth between "LOVE" and "VOLE" all month long.  Good memories!