Monday, February 20, 2012

Kylen's Amazing Moves

After enjoying numerous blog videos posted by friends of their children, I've finally decided to try it myself.  This first one proved pretty tough.  Kylen got a 3DS for his birthday, and he's had a lot of fun using it to record people.  One day he asked if I'd like to see a couple of his videos.   I was impressed with this one!  He was able to speed portions up and return to normal speed at just the right places.  I asked Greg if it would be possible to put it on my blog.  Turns out it was an ordeal to get it from the DS to youtube, and the quality isn't all that great.  The version with portions sped up couldn't be transferred, so Greg had to do the editing through a more painstaking process after getting it on the computer.  Then he decided to add music.  Warning: you might want to turn off your volume if you aren't a Toby Mac fan!


Greg said...

The biggest frustration was that our old copy of Pinnacle 10 was being very stupid. Thankfully, Adobe Premiere 8 runs very nicely on our newer computer and makes it easy to change the speeds of various portions of the video.

Our dear friends just got Final Cut for their Macs, so now I'm getting inspired to do more video editing. :)

katrina said...

That. Was. AWESOME!!!!!! Wow you are serious....Kylen you are fantastic! Oh, and the music was perfect!