Thursday, May 24, 2012

This and That and Summer

The last couple weeks we've been working hard to finish our winter subjects and have succeeded for the most part (save for Latin).  Our last day of co-op was Monday, and now I'm relaxing and playing catch up.  Our busy winter schedule always means many things get neglected.  Summer is a time to rest, reevaluate, and bring the household up to par.  I love summer.  Soon I'd like to organize closets, clean, and take care of various little odds and ends that have been on the back burner.  I also expect to cook more decent meals rather than relying so much on restaurants or spaghetti!

Kylen was invited to a birthday party at a place called Sky High that is just amazing.  They have huge trampolines where you can even bounce off the walls!  He enjoyed it so much that Greg's been taking him about once a week.  Within the first 15 minutes of Greg's first time there, he had snapped his glasses in half, and they'd both sprained their ankles!!  We have to admit, he was being kinda stupid jumping into the foam while wearing them.  Thankfully, it's gone pretty smoothly since that initial break in session!

Sky High ~ Kylen Upper Left

Progress is being made on finishing our basement.  Our good carpenter friend has been coming 8-5 Wednesday through Friday.  He's finished most of the framing and electrical.  Today he worked on the plumbing.  Roller blading down there will probably be on hold until the floor is carpeted, but we did manage to attend one last homeschool skate event.  Greg even went!
Playing Pool at the Skate Place

Greg Came!

We got some flowers planted in front last weekend.  Yay!  Still need to weed the raised garden beds and plant more flowers and seeds in them.  This week has been rather chilly and rainy, but I would say summer is here at last!  And what better way to celebrate than a nice, foresty read aloud?  We've been greatly enjoying The Adventures of Robin Hood and his band of merry men!  Did I mention I love summer?  But who doesn't?!


katrina said...

Great pictures!! Sky High looks like a lot of fun. Although, Greg and Kylen's first visit sounded a bit rough!! ANd how fun that Greg was able to attend the skate event. It is so much fun when the dad's can participate too! I am getting the feeling you love summer?? :)I cannot believe it is almost here. Looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures!