Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Day/His B-Day

I wanted to do a quick post about our May holiday and b-day!

I spent the morning of Mother's Day preparing for my art class, but my hard work was rewarded with a wonderful lunch at Old European.  It was incredibly cool seeing all the other moms, some of whom posed happily with their kids for pictures, just like us!  Add in a little shopping, scenic driving, a couple of cards, and you have the ingredients for a lovely day my way.  Oh, and my present is always getting to pick out flowers for the front yard, though that usually gets put off for another week to two.

We were in good company!  Moms all over the place!
 Greg's birthday ended up being on the same day we visited my grandfather's grave with my uncle's family and Grandma.  We got to share memories and enjoy all the flags and flowers.  Then we went out with them for lunch, came home a few hours for cards and gifts, and finally headed back into Spokane for dinner with Greg's parents!
Kylen got Greg a jumbo card!
Greg and His Dad Perusing the Menu

WHAT is he doing?


Are you even SERIOUS?!  He is NOT my son!


katrina said...

WOW! How did I miss this fun post? THe picture of you and Kylen is great!! Seriously, did Kylen really eat those??

Farrah said...

HE DID!!!! And . . . LIKED them!!!

Greg said...

Well, he's not my son either, because he likes olives!