Monday, June 11, 2012

Top Summer Activities

At the onset of summer, we usually like to discuss which activities are top priority to each of us before inclement weather sets in. It usually looks something like this:

Hike on Mt. Spokane (Kylen's fav)
Visit Green Bluff farms
Swim in a lake
Take the raft out (Greg's fav)
Visit the farmer's market
Visit Riverfront Park
Visit Manito Park
Eat outside at restaurants

If possible, I like to try something new on the water. A few years ago we rented jet skis, and this year we'd like to rent a boat with friends or go parasailing. Then there are the regular usual activities such as bike rides, tennis, and scenic drives. We'd also like to go camping at least once.  Anyone else up for posting a list of their family's "must do" summer activities? I'd love to see it!

After about a week of rain and cold, we FINALLY got the perfect weather today.  It was in the 70s, sunny, and gorgeous. Greg took the opportunity to play tennis with Kylen during lunch, and I was happy to tag along with my camera.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice it was set to low lighting (ironic on a day that was anything but), so the pics ended up smaller and probably lower quality than they should have been.  Hopefully I'll get another chance before summer's end.

Through the Net

Kylen does the tennis dance!
Poor Greg had to play in jeans.

Artistic Liberties

One Bucket Later


katrina said...

Such a fun list! Looks like you are going to have a great summer. I really enjoyed the pictures of Greg and Kylen playing tennis. Looked like a lovely day...we haven't had many nice days. Seems like fall here!!!

Farrah said...

You and us both! Now that we're finally getting nice days, I want to take full advantage of it!!

Greg said...

Know what's funny? This year Kylen's gotten into two my dad's favorite sports: tennis and chess! Makes sense, since he comes to play with him once a week, during the summer. :)