Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Little Career Videos

One of the subjects homeschoolers in Washington state are required to teach is occupational education. I haven't given it much attention up to now, figuring we'd wait until the higher grades. So I was excited when I recently came across a yahoo series called Second Act. There are 49 uplifting little videos ranging from about 2 to 4 minutes each. They are inspirational stories about people who took up new careers/hobbies or made life-changing decisions, often late in life.  It focuses more on the arts than technical jobs, but I've really enjoyed watching them with Kylen. We skipped a few (one about tango and one about an actress from Desperate Housewives - there may have been a couple others), but most of them were very interesting and educational.

Here's the link!  Tip: we seem to see fewer ads at the beginnings if we click on the next video before the current video is completely over.


katrina said...

THANK YOU for the link!!! I have never heard of these....looking forward to checking them out tomorrow with the boys.

Farrah said...

You are very welcome! =)