Saturday, June 30, 2012

Judith Ann Inn

My last two photography posts from our Ocean Shores trip are about where we stayed: Judith Ann Inn.  We drove up late at night to a most welcome site - a huge white house with pillars, blue accents, and lights glowing everywhere.  We thought we were in the wrong place!  Greg went up to check our room and came back speechless.  It was much nicer than anywhere we've ever stayed.  They had left the stereo on, filling the place with music and making it feel more homey.  I half expected someone to walk up and greet us!  Being completely exhausted, I barely had time to take a few pictures before we "moved in."  I was disappointed in how they turned out with the poor lighting until I played around in photoshop.  Thankfully, I got something I'm not embarrassed to post!

We stayed on the top floor in the Marietta.  It had a vaulted ceiling, skylight, elevated jetted tub (in the living room!), balcony with panoramic ocean view, and gas fireplace.  The bedroom and bath were beautifully decorated Victorian style.  I absolutely loved the pedestal sink!


katrina said...

I have to go here!