Saturday, October 6, 2012

Status Update

We're playing Settlers of Catan with my brother.  Kylen has gone over to the sink to spit out his Coke three times from laughing.

Player 1: How about a sheep for a wheat?
Player 2:  You wood!
Player 1: Ore . . .


What I do while waiting until my turn.


katrina said...

Hi, my name is Katrina...I am a blog stalker! I was spoiled over summer with all of your wonderful posts and am going through withdrawl :)

Hope you are all great and enjoying fall!

Farrah said...

Awww, thank you Katrina! I have really enjoyed blogging, especially over the summer. But this month has been too busy and stressful to think about it much or even to take more than a couple pictures. I want to at least finish out the year, so I am hoping to pick it back up in November, which should be a calmer month. =)

katrina said...

until then...I continue to stalk you ;)