Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We've been SOOOOO busy with school-related stuff!  I've run into a bit of trouble planning my co-op class for this coming Monday, and I volunteered to plan our co-op's Christmas party in December, so I've been spending my extra time researching ideas.  Over the weekend, we shot footage for a short video that will be part of my class in a couple weeks.  It was lots of fun, and I can't wait to post it here!

School is going well.  There is just a LOT of it!  We are doing pretty good keeping up with most of our subjects.  One of Kylen's favorite things right now is guitar!!  I feel like Katrina saying that.  Lol!  But he didn't really get into it until last week.  Before that, he was doing the minimum amount of practice required daily.  Last week, he was doing way more out of sheer motivation and made a lot of progress.  He sings all the songs while practicing them, so it's probably helping his voice as well.  :-)  He's learning plenty of vocab in German and Greek/Latin roots.  We're doing the math book at an accelerated rate, science at a decelerated rate (kinda slipping in that one), lots of reading aloud for history, keeping up great with Bible and verse memorization, and Greg has been teaching Kylen computer programming in the evenings.  I can't believe we have done more than a month of school and this trimester of co-op is half over.  Praise the Lord for a great start to the year!!


katrina said...

LOVE that Kylen sings along while he plays! Samuel is still working on that ;)School sounds like it is going so well! I am still a bit off! Oh, I am thoroughly enjoying your poetry posts!!