Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Update

I participated in my first women's group Bible study through our co-op.  It had been going on all year, but I didn't join until the last trimester.  We met an hour before classes, while the older children played games and the younger children watched a cartoon.  It was a fantastic experience, the first time I've done a women's study that truly clicked with me.  I was sad to learn that the author didn't make any for co-ed groups, and her work isn't published.  We were using printouts from our own homes from images that had been scanned.  When co-op starts in the fall, we'll finish the last of them, taking us through part of the second trimester.  After that . . . ?  I hope the Lord will bring us something just as good, because after this, it will be hard to accept anything of lesser quality!

We've been trying a new church for a few months, the same church that hosts our co-op.  Our attendance has been sporadic due to my recent health issues and an occasional need for a quiet weekend.  It should be better now that co-op is over and we won't have two busy days in a row.  So far, we feel pretty good about continuing there.  We joined a mission team that will be traveling to Belize in January.  I've had a strong interest in missions for many years, and this seemed like a good opportunity to learn more.  We won't actually be going on the trip, but perhaps next time we'll be able to contribute more of our own ideas and at some point go!

The yearbook for our co-op is done and ordered.  That was a huge project, and I am extremely grateful to Greg for pitching in and helping, especially with some of the mundane work and technical aspects.  Once I designed the pages, it was paste, resize, photo edit over and over and over.  It ended up being around 90 pages, including spreads with all the classes, individual student shots, field trips and activities, a couple of candid pages, and family pictures.  We're satisfied with the finished product and glad to be over the learning curve.  Next year, it should be easier!

We finished our last school subject a week ago.  Yay!  We're in no hurry to begin summer studies, so the next few weeks should be pretty low key.  I just found out that God's World News arrives every month except December and May, so we'll continue to enjoy that.  Kylen should be starting violin lessons soon, I'll keep reading aloud, and we might study the states.  He works on his stories often, but it's all on his laptop.  I'm thinking of having him journal, maybe with suggested topics so he can get more physical writing in.  We're also planning to sign him up for a basketball camp.

My Health
I'm doing much better mentally.  For nearly 6 weeks, I felt like I was living in a nightmare.  I kept up my daily routine out of sheer desperation to distract my mind but was incapable of giving to others in any way - no desire to show compassion, write, blog, leave the house, get together with people, or do anything fun or creative because I was mentally drained by constant misery.  I suffered the most when relaxing, so activities I usually love such as spending time on the computer, reading, riding in the car, watching a movie with the boys - became something to dread.  Back when my health was worse, as long as I wasn't moving, my primary symptom (arthritis) wasn't noticeable.  Of course, we can't live without moving, but at least I could get breaks.  When breathing is the problem, you don't get a reprieve.  Thank the Lord, the incessant message to my brain abruptly stopped by the sixth week.  My occasional deep breaths are more automatic, and I'm definitely yawning less.  I praise God and am thankful for everyone's prayers, because I had just about reached my limit!  I know there is a good reason for what I went through.  I'm still working on figuring out what's going on and appreciate prayers, but at least I have my zest for life back again!


katrina said...

my FAVORITE post of the morning!!! LOVE hearing you are feeling better, and always enjoy reading your updates! Reading you have your "zest for life back" makes me smile!! I will keep praying for you and your family!

I really cannot believe that it is summer already.