Saturday, May 18, 2013

Risk Legacy: Game 4

I'm finally doing a post from my brother's stay two weeks ago!  Game 3 resulted in changes during set up, which we got to experience in game 4.  We now take turns picking from several options to gain an advantage in one area while losing the advantage in another.  Kylen and I made our clan choice top priority, Ryan started with extra cards he could turn in for men, and Greg wanted first pick at his starting location.  He was last, but picking his starting location first gave him way more of an advantage than any of us imagined.  He dominated most of the game, having begun in Australia where he got an extra man above the bonus (from having named the continent in a previous game).  It's the easiest area to hold, which left him plenty of men to expand and conquer.  For his reward, he chose to name a major city "Guinea Pig Island" in his beloved Land Dad-Under.  The rest of us could only upgrade a territory.

We opened TWO envelopes!  Both had a LOT to digest, so we'll be going through them at the beginning of the next game.  The most exciting discovery was a new clan!  We decided to take a break on Ryan's next visit and play a round of Settlers of America, but game 5 of Risk Legacy should prove very interesting.  =)