Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Last Big Christmas

Most of my memories of Grandma are attached to her house in some way, probably because the time I spent with her was usually when we visited, and I absolutely loved being there.  One of the highlights was when all the aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered for Christmas every couple years.  The last Christmas we met at Grandma's house was 2005.  My pictures were horrible, but I'm going to share them anyway.  My health was bad, and I probably wasn't able to hold the camera steady.

This is the landing where Grandma usually greeted us.  She always hung stockings for the grandchildren, and she loved snowmen.  At the bottom of the stairs was the play room to the right, a small room to the left, and the laundry area straight ahead leading to the garage.  Kylen is in green.

The chairs next to the fireplace and Cousin Ben.  Grandpa used to take lots of naps on the floor.

The TV Room: Cousins Laurie, Holly, Ben, and Melody

The Play Room Ramp: Nieces Kerinsa and Gracie, Kylen, Cousin Austin
Dining Area 

The cookie jar was located on the china cabinet right behind Uncle Aaron. 

I loved to look at Grandma's picture boards.  There was one in the kitchen.  Left to right: Uncle Kenny, Aunt Karen (by marriage), Uncle Tim (by marriage), Grandma, Cousin Holly (by marriage)
Dad, Mom, Sister Wakena

Back: Aunt Kelly (by marriage), Cousin Paul, Cousin Ben; Front: Cousin Laurie, Cousin Holly

 I'm holding the camcorder.