Saturday, June 1, 2013

Word Magnets

Our theme in the main living area during May and part of June is black and white, which is great for Greg's birthday, graduations, and Father's Day.  Word magnets get put on the fridge, and we all work at composing silly, whacky, philosophical, and poetic lines.  If we have company, sometimes they'll get in on the fun.  My favorites are usually those with humor:

Man, horrible black galoshes like my bed.

Dogs do their time with family.

Toward the end, we start getting a little desperate to use EVERY word (which we accomplished this year!), and the sentences aren't always correct English:

Kid said, "This woman want my candy."

I am silent if she ask us for live skin.

I love this one, because Greg often says I'm on the "puter":

She was on the puter.

And we had a good laugh over:

They cry when you play ball.

All our lines were on the right fridge door; last year, they were more spread out:


katrina said...

we have those too! LOVE that you shared those!