Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pennsylvania ~ Pretzels

As part of our states study, we're trying a new recipe each week.  Our first two states were Delaware and Pennsylvania.  Kylen chose the Pennsylvania pretzels.  I've never made bread from scratch, so it was an interesting educational experience.  I think the recipe was meant to be healthy, because it had quite a bit of wheat flour.  They didn't turn out at all like we expected.  The dough wasn't stretchy like white pretzel dough, making it more difficult to shape, and they didn't turn out as soft as white pretzels.  But we decided they were pretty tasty with the right toppings!  Kylen and I liked them with strawberry jam or flavored cream cheese, while Greg prefered tzatziki sauce.

Kylen Brushing On the Egg

The Finished Product!


katrina said...

OH.MY. those look awesome!! Great job.

Kris said...

What a cool way to learn about the states! Looking forward to reading more about what you bake.