Friday, January 31, 2014

January Update

Wow!  January flew!

Most of my time this month has been centered on school-related activities.  Preschool required a significant amount of prep on the weekends.  I decided not to come up with new lessons, because I didn't have the mental capacity.  However, I had a slightly easier time after knowing what to expect.  Overall, I liked teaching preschool.  The kids are SO cute at that age and say the funniest things!  But I'm ready to hand the reigns over to my co-teacher the remainder of the trimester, so I can focus on lesson plans for my spring Chocolate! class.  That's what I'm calling it: Chocolate!, complete with the exclamation.  =)

I made a start on our co-op's yearbook last weekend, which was a relief.  It's been hanging over my head, even though I've been good about categorizing pictures along the way.  You just don't feel like you've done much until the actual pages are taking shape.

We finished science today, which wasn't a surprise.  It was a very easy curriculum.  I will be replacing it with something else.  I'm having Kylen read through a couple of science textbooks we never got to in grade school, so maybe he can spend more time on that.  Greg is beginning to teach him French.  Algebra has proved more difficult than I imagined.  With Greg and me both having strong math backgrounds, I imagined it would be a breeze.  Nope!  It's definitely challenging, but we're surviving.  I'm just a bit dismayed over how long it takes us to get through the lessons.  Our history read alouds and Latin/Greek roots are coming along at a good pace.  Kylen is doing well in his German co-op class.  His test scores are excellent, and I think if he really applied himself to any language, he would excel in it.

I'm looking forward to February!  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the bright colors - red, hot pink, white, lime green . . . thinking about icing, chocolate, strawberries. . . Mmmmm!