Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kylen's 14th Birthday

We played laser tag in a big group with family last summer and thought it would be awesome to do that again with families from our co-op.  Much to our delight, Kylen chose to celebrate his 14th birthday at Laser Quest!  Twenty-nine people played, including lots of parents.  We all had a blast, and several friends told us they had no idea laser tag could be so much fun.  :-)

This was the first time since Kylen turned 4 that we had his party someplace other than home.  We began suggesting alternatives long ago, but he just loved having them here!  One more sign our boy is growing up.  While it makes me a little sad, it was nice not having the stress of preparing games, decorating, etc.  We did make cupcakes, which were delicious . . . and laser tag still gave me sore feet . . . but it was a great party!


Killing Time

The Drive Over

Waiting to Play

The Rules

A Blur of Colors

Putting On Packs


For the third game, we had teams.  "The Dudes" - the team with most of the parents - dominated, as you can see from the score below:

Parents scored more than double the points!

Kylen received a lot of cool gifts!  Above, he'd just opened Empire Monopoly.  The pocket knife may have been his favorite.  He began using it right away, walking in the footsteps of his grandpa.  Greg's dad likes to keep a blade handy.  Like him, Kylen used his new knife to slit open envelopes and cut ribbon.  My heart was in my mouth each time - parts flying out and knives getting pushed back in by inexperienced fingers.  I was sure he'd cut himself!  But he didn't!


katrina said...

Sounds like a super, fun birthday! Glad he had a great time. My boys enjoy their pocket knives too, and they come in quite handy!