Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Update

I didn't intend to spend over a month blogging about a vacation that lasted a week!  I've just been too busy to post as frequently as planned.  (And there are STILL a couple more posts I'd like to do about that trip before wrapping up!)

As busy as we've been, you'd think I'd have plenty to talk about in a monthly update post.  But it's all the little things that add up.  We've managed to go to the beach almost every week, thanks to a couple of very kind friends who live nearby and have been giving us rides.  It's meant a lot, because I always wondered what it would be like to actually spend a significant amount of time at the beach during summer.  I've realized that going once a week is perfect for us.  More than that, and it starts wearing me out!  Guess I'm not an ideal candidate for retiring in Florida.  ;-)

Kylen is enjoying volunteering one hour each week at the library.  It's close enough for him to ride his bike there and back.  An hour isn't much, but I think God knew we needed to ease into him going places alone.  The key to this growing up thing: small steps!  He also still goes to the park one day a week with his grandpa for tennis and chess.  :-)

Made progress on my summer to-do list!  I FINALLY got two years worth of Christmas cards into albums and finalized a couple of school subjects that I was agonizing over.  We finished "remodeling" Kylen's room, which he requested over a year ago.  He wanted the childish elements to be replaced by a more mature look.  I used chess as inspiration, since he didn't have a strong opinion on what he wanted.  Colors are black, white, and grey with some blue and burgundy mixed in.  Looks nice, and we didn't have to spend much.  A new bedding set, curtains, knobs on his dresser, and a poster.  Other than that, it was just a matter of getting rid of stuff or storing it away.

August is looking much like July, which is great.  This weekend, we'll be registering for classes at our co-op.  Kylen is leaning toward taking volleyball and drama, but he hasn't completely decided yet.  I didn't think I'd be ready for the new school year come September, but I think I'm getting there!  :-)