Friday, August 8, 2014

Shots from Newport

I thought it would be nice to have my final post about our ocean trip be shots taken around Newport, since that was where we stayed during the second leg of our trip.  My favorite thing about this town was driving across the big bridge.  We crossed it numerous times, but I never grew tired of the incredible view.  Greg decided his favorite town was Florence, though he also liked Lincoln City.  I don't know that I had a favorite!

Our hotel yielded mixed results.  It was a Holiday Inn Express with free breakfast and indoor pool.  Unfortunately, the boys barely used the pool, due to not feeling well.  We liked that the rooms had a "new" feel, but the pillows were terrible and the lighting poor.  Lighting wouldn't have mattered, but since the boys were sick, we spent extra down time in our room.  The alarm clock went off in the middle of the first night, the elevator was out of service for part of a day, and the shower didn't drain well!  I probably wouldn't stay there again, but it worked!

We ate breakfast in our room a couple of the mornings.  This was the one morning we all ate in the dining area.  I took this picture, because each time Kylen got up or sat down, he would lean on our unstable table, causing my OJ to spill.  He could NOT remember to stop doing that!  Lol!  Must have spilled at least three times.

Greg is in the red shirt.

Front of our hotel.

We kept seeing this neat strip mall out our window, across the street and decided to swing by after checking out.  There was a shop with an impressive collection of weapons.

One of those windows was ours!

Other pics from around Newport.

Each time we drove over the bridge, I was reminded that I wanted to get pictures of the boats and town below, but we kept putting it off.  It wasn't very convenient, because we had to pull over at one of the ends and walk back on the bridge next to a busy, scary, noisy road full of fast-moving traffic.  So, we made the stop on the last day as we were leaving.  Of course, there was fog obscuring the view!

I took pictures from one end of the bridge, and Greg took some from the other.  His picture below may be my favorite!  I was so flustered over the fog, it didn't even occur to me to look around and take one of the bridge itself.

That's when I realized how incredibly blessed we had been.  The weather was unusually good during the entire vacation.  A little rain or overcast skies here and there, but really fantastic weather overall.  And no fog in Newport until the last morning?  Praise God!

Lincoln City was directly in our path on the way home, so we got one more chance to say goodbye and an excuse to order a last round of coffee drinks from Logic In a Cup.  The wait was long, but WOW! were the drinks good!!!  It was a great way to conclude an awesome vacation.  :-)